Lenticular Printing Workflow

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ViCGI’s Lenticular Project Work Flow:

Step 1 - Artwork Preparation:
Please feel free to contact ViCGI’s experienced staff or click Artwork Preparation while you are planning your lenticular project. ViCGI will work with you closely to finalize your artwork requirements and preparation.

Step 2 - Fill out Request for Quote Form and Send Artwork to ViCGI:
Please fill out Request for Quote Form along with sending your artwork to ViCGI either on a CD/DVD or upload it to ViCGI’s FTP site.

Step 3 - ViCGI Submits Formal Quote to You:
ViCGI will submit to you a formal quote based on /your requirements in 24 hours upon receiving your order form and artwork.
Without your artwork it will be difficult for ViCGI to submit you a proper quote.

Step 4 - You Send a PO to ViCGI:
Once the quote is accepted, please send ViCGI a PO.

Step 5 - ViCGI Submits Invoice:
Upon receiving your PO, ViCGI will submit to you an invoice. Please send ViCGI a deposit which is 50% of the quoted cost.

Step 6 - ViCGI Kicks off Lenticular Project:
ViCGI will start your project immediately upon receiving your deposit.

Step 7 - ViCGI Start Production Run:
ViCGI will start production run promptly once sample proof is signed off by you.

Step 8 - Product Delivery:
ViCGI will ship the final goods via your preferred shipper within 10 working days.

Step 9 - Final Payment:
You send the balance to ViCGI after receiving the shipment.