Lenticular Interlacer

Interlacing Images In A Snap!
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This is the first of its kind, an online lenticular interlacing app. The current version limits the width and height not to be larger than 20 inches. The interlacing app handles left-and-right animation such as flip and morph. If you need up-and-down animation, please rotate the images 90 degrees before inputting the images into the app. Please make sure the images have the same size before uploading. The images can be rearranged by dragging and dropping which can be meaningful when the number of images is larger than 2.



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interlacing image
Please report bugs to sales@vicgi.com with steps on how to reproduce the bugs. If you need to send us the pictures please do not email to us. Instead, please send the images to us by using file sharing platform such as Dropbox, Google Drive, wetransfer, sendspace, etc.